Use Video Content to Inform Customers of Covid 19 Regulations

green background covid man sprayingCompany, Charities, NGOs, & Business Changes Due to Corona Covid 19

What is the new normal for companies, charities, NGOs, and businesses affected by Corona Covid 19? It seems that every day things are changing. Rule changes. Social distance changes. Lockdown restrictions changes. One day an area, and indeed, a business or company is in one tier, and seemingly with a stroke of a pen or tap of a keyboard it is in a different tier.scrable letters social distancing on wood

Policies Change Within the Company

And with all these Covid changes your business has to keep going. It needs to adapt really quickly. In these fast changing times a company or business needs to embrace the new normal and adapt to the changing trading environment, quickly, and efficiently.

But what if you’re not allowed to trade? Even if you’re not able to trade due to restrictions a company or business could be in danger of losing its hard fought for customer base. A company or business should look to secure that customer/client base by keeping those people up to date with what your company is doing.

And those suppliers that you’ve been working with for years do they know what your company is doing? Should they build relationships with your competitors? They may not know whether you will be trading again or pivoting into an adapted form of trading or commerce.

How do your members of staff keep up to date with the rule changes and requirements within the company? Of course these may change but your staff needs to be kept up to date.sign covid social distancing

How Will Videos Help?

Video can be created very quickly to notify, inform, and just keep your customers and staff up to date with what’s going on. It’s reassuring for your staff and customers to know that you have systems in place.

It can highlight your company’s PPE . It may just be a brief up date about opening hours or social distancing within the premises. Whatever you need to share video can do that very quickly to a great number of people whether via email lists, social media platforms, or on monitors screens inside and outside your premises.

Previously Shot Video Content

You may already have some video content that you’ve shot previously, which can be adapted to reflect the current changes. You can also shoot video content that is evergreen. This content is created so that it portrays your company and business in a way that can be adapted to changes due to the current situation and potential changes in the future.

Older Video Repurposed

Older video content can be updated with voiceover, text , graphics, overlays, or it can reedited into newer content. If you create the right evergreen content plan these changes can be done quickly. And once edited this digital video content is ready to go.

New Quick Updates

Your company, business, shop, charity, or NGO can be ready to update your staff and customers quickly and effectively by just adapting your digital video content that you’ve created with your evergreen content plan. surgical gloves on blue background

But Where Do Update Videos  Live for Maximum Impact?

The updated content can be posted on your company’s website. The content can be shared on social media platforms like YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook. Your company may have a presence on LinkedIn. This can be a great platform to share up dates about your company. And don’t forget the vertical short form platforms like Instagram and TikTok.

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Company Updates are Good for Marketing

But let’s not forget wherever you’re posting your up to date content you are not only keeping your clients and customers up to date but also marketing to new clients and customers.

Can We Help?

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