Valentine’s Day Video Content For Businesses, Charities, and NGOs

red heart showing through white backgroundNow that Love is in the air, well , Valentine’s Day anyhow it’s a fantastic time to let your customers or client know how much you love and appreciate them. And with video content you can do that quickly, efficiently and with plenty of heart.

Valentine’s Day Imagery is Universal

Valentine’s Day lends itself to video marketing because the imagery is so recognisable and seemingly associated with love. If your company embraces this imagery it can immediately appeal to your clients and potential future clients. hands twisted to create heart shape

Everyone Wants to be Loved

After all who doesn’t want to be loved? And if you thank your clients for their support and future support without selling to them, your clients are going to feel truly loved.

Short Video Thanking Clients

A short video thanking your clients for their support over the past year is easily created. This video should if possible optimise Valentine’s Day imagery in combination with your branding, which will help reinforce your company’s brand with all things love and gratitude. But ultimately a heart felt thanks from you to your clients will travel far.yellow card handwritten with hear thank you

Why not Thank Your Staff ?

Day in and day out your staff have been there. It’s been a difficult year for many. Some have been at home for months. And perhaps they feel unappreciated. A little thank you video popping in their inbox  shows that they haven’t been forgotten. hearts on red background

Suppliers Need Love as Well

When you thought you wouldn’t be able to complete that job because of a lack of materials who helped you out? Who delivered your products and on time? A Thank You will certainly go a long background with love

Optimise Video for Social Platforms

Once created this video can be tweaked for the various social platforms where your company lives such as Facebook, LinkedIn or YouTube.rock candy heart shape

Do You Have an Email List?

If you’ve an up to date email list or database you could send a link to the video in an email. Would your client be pleasantly surprise if he or she  received an email thanking them rather than selling to them?

Don’t Forget Vertical Video 

And finally, please don’t forget that these short videos particularly lend themselves to short form vertical platforms such as Instagram and TikTok.

LOVE YOU XXXgrey love you hashtag


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