Glass with slice of lemon, ice, in bokeh with crackers and with foreground of grapes and cranberries

blue chill lemon

Get your Food out of the Kitchen

Capturing food and drink on video can really show your food  to potential clients. It doesn’t remain a few lines on a menu or a review. Video brings food to life.  Video makes that beverage sparkle. It begins to have a life and leaps off of the menu. It becomes real.

Engagement leads to Bookings

If you think how much more your customers will engage with an image what about the engagement of actually seeing all your food from all different angels?

How many? How Much?

If a picture is worth a thousand words, how much is video worth with 24 images per second?

Shaken and Stirred?

Or what about making the food? This can show how unique and skilled your chefs are at creating great food. Show those great skills that go into making that superb beverage that you want your restaurant to be known for.

The Public Love Food

It doesn’t matter whether you run a deli, a sandwich shop, bakery, a chain of restaurants, or you are a local artesian creating local food from local produce, the public love to see food  and beverages captured on video.

Why are Cooking Shows Super Popular?

Have you wondered why there has been such an increase in cooking programs and channels on television and why they are so popular? It’s because the public wants to experience great food and if the closest they can do that is on television then they turn to more local providers to satisfy their hunger.

Optimised Content

Food videos can be created in all types of formats so that they can be optimised for a wide variety of social media sites like Facebook, TikTok, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

Where are your customers?

Where do your customers live? Do they look on Instagram? Or are they looking at Google reviews? Perhaps they scroll through LinkedIn? Kingstreetimages can help you put your food and bevarage promotional video content in front of your clients.

Love a Coffee and a Slice of Cake

Here at Kingstreetimages we are always happy to have a chat about creating great food content for your brand, or eatery and optimising our production so that you can get the best content from the shoot that can be used in different market places.