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Absolutey cast with clapperboard production shot.

Cast from Absolutely production shot.

Funders are under increasing pressure to show good value for money for their grants and no more so than in the arts, heritage, and culture sector. It’s more often the case that grants have conditions attached which stipulate community engagement in the arts, heritage, and culture sector when they are funded.

A ww1 soldier stands with two teenage girls taking a selfie.

Selfie from Absolutely made with local community.

To be seen to be doing so

It’s not only the case that organisations within the museum, arts, heritage, and culture sector are expected to engage with their community but also the case that they should be seen doing so.

Prop from absolutely community engagement in the arts, heritage, and culture

Prop from Absolutely Kingstreetimages.

Museum, Arts, heritage, and culture sectors

If you work in the musueum, arts, heritage, and cultural sectors you may ask yourself these questions.

How do I show our funders that I’m engaging with the local community?

Kids takeover museum for Takeover Day

Watch out the kids have taken over.


How do I maximise promotional opportunities with these projects?

How do I find content for our social media presence?

How do I encourage the local community to engage?

Takeover Day

How do I do all that and still have a smile on my face?

Dreams and Fantasy Exhibition, Gibberd Gallery

Community engagement in the museum, arts, heritage, and culture by  producing video and optimising the content

Take a look at Absolutely. The short film was made at the Lowewood Museum in Hertfordshire with members of the museum Youth Panel.

One size doesn’t fit all

There are lots of ways of using  and producing film and video to not only promote community engagement in the museum, arts, heritage, and culture sector.  We regularly work within this sector and have created various types of films and videos for museums, galleries and heritage based projects.  We create each and every project to specifically fit the needs of each project and commissioner.

Artist Fire and Fright, Letchworth Garden City

Are you still engaged?

We think that being engaged doesn’t have to be dull and boring. What do you think?

Frankentoy Workshop

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