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It was such a joy working with Kingstreetimages. I was very impressed with their professional approach, their reliability and the care they took in presenting my sculptures in their best light. It is a special gift to make the interviewee feel at ease, and Kingstreetimages certainly achieved that.    John Farnham, Sculptor


Kingstreetimages’ Producer Maxine King with sculptor John Farnham

I have just finished working with Kingstreetimages to produce my latest business video. I can honestly say they are extremely professional and have the patients of Saints. I am totally camera shy and constantly forgot my words despite writing the script myself. At no point did I feel under pressure from them to wrap it up, quite the opposite. There were far more bad takes from me than good to edit, however I was pleasantly surprised at the finished video! It just goes to show what a very experienced company they are, a real pleasure to work with! It goes without saying I would highly recommend them!

Property by Design

King Street Images produced a fantastic film for Lowewood Museum’s Take Over Day event, which delivered on all aspects of the brief they were given. It was a delight to work with such a professional, enthusiastic and friendly company. The film is going to be a great asset for the museum’s marketing campaign. I wouldn’t hesitate to use Kingstreetimages again.    Carly Hearn, Museum Officer, Lowewood Museum


Thank you so much for the production of “Take Five Artists”. The film packs in a lot of information. The interviews and the work depicted were brilliantly chosen and edited. We have already had lots of positive responses. A million thanks again.
Lotte and John Farnham


I am very impressed with the professionalism of the team that are Kingstreet images, their approach to their subject is sympathetic, caring and exemplary. The film they produced of my studio and myself reflect their care and non intrusive attitude to the environment they are dealing with and is embodied in the quality of their film.            John W. Mills, Sculptor


Kingstreetimages were professional to work with and very considerate of their client’s needs. We were very pleased with the outcome which showed great understanding of the subject. Well made, visually strong, great sound, good job all round.                        Zavier Ellis, Director Charlie Smith London


Kingstreetimages filmed me in a relaxed, unobtrusive and sympathetic manner. I was struck by their capacity to empathise with my ethos and to take considerable care and sensitivity in the shaping and refining of the shoot material into a very natural and spontaneous looking result. It was a pleasure to work with them and I am extremely pleased with the final result. Graham Boyd, Artist

G.Boyd No3

Kingstreetimages captured exactly what was important to me with regards to my film. They were sensitive to our groups needs during filming and were extremely efficient and intuitive when interviewing my dancers. They have created for New Connections Dance Company a film that captures our movement quality, creativity and personal connections. A great documentation and celebration of what we have worked towards! Laura Horn, Arts Development Officer, Watford Museum


Harlow Art Trust has worked with Kingstreetimages on two film projects and found their approach both professional and strategic, the results are both on the Gibberd Gallery website. If part of your marketing plan is to offer an insight into your business through film we totally recommend them.    Corrina Dunlea, Director Gibberd Gallery

Harlow Art Trust wanted a creative and punchy profile showing what Harlow has to offer within the Arts and the Gibberd Gallery. Kingstreetimages delivered a lively and creative film showing the diversity of arts and the people involved. It showed that art is attainable to everyone, the gallery being a central hub for discovery both new and old , from young to not so young.    Alastair Howe, Chair of Harlow Art Trust

Kingstreetimages produced a short film for an historical re-enactment event that was held at Cedars Park, Cheshunt, during August 2014. They were easy to work with and professional; we would definitely consider them again for similar projects.
Julie Swift, Arts Development Officer, Broxbourne Council
I’m pretty good with dogs but technical stuff and ensuring that the company’s presence on the internet is maximised is not my strong point. I therefore called in the experts and asked Kingstreetimages to see what they could do for me. Kingstreetimages came along to one of our training days and were extremely easy to work with.
They filmed the classes and I have to say did it very professionally, their presence never upsetting the dogs.  In fact some of the puppies turned into real little posers which showed how comfortable they were. King Street Images were so unobtrusive it was easy to forget they were there which has made for a very relaxed and realistic film. Their interview method of developing a conversation also made me feel comfortable in front of the camera and ensured that all necessary information came over clearly. Their post-production work has resulted in a very professional film, which has already had several shares on social media sites.  Adrienne Critchlow, Owner and Head Trainer, DOGability

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