Consistent Content is the Key to Social Media Platforms

Social media Scrabble tiles kingstreetimages logoIt’s sure to be noisy on social media platforms over the next few months with Covid 19 restrictions being relaxed as lockdown enters a different phase. 

Businesses are all gearing up to return to a semblance of normality. Marketing departments are working endlessly creating content hoping to create great profiles for their business clients. 

But how can a small company or business compete with bigger companies with large marketing budgets?

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Well the first step is to post regular content profiling your business, company or brand to the social media sites that you use. Be careful not to post to so many different social media platforms that most of your time is spent creating content and repurposing the content for the requirements of that site.

The content should be posted regularly and be seen to be regularly posted. It creates a rhythm, a sense of belonging and leads to an expectation from your clients and potential clients for you to update.

What is the brand about?

If you are seeing a companies brand regularly on social media platforms you begin to recognise it. You begin to understand what the brand is about. And you begin to trust the brand and what the brand has to say.

Content Plan or Strategy?

This takes time but it all begins with uploading content and creating a content creation plan or strategy. It doesn’t have to be complicated it. But it has to be measurable. Otherwise you will not be able to see where your efforts are leading. Even if you’re increasing your engagement by a tiny percentage you at least know that what you’re doing has some impact. Once you take note of this you can make some changes to increase the engagement or visibility of your content.

Trend Jacking?

By regularly posting it doesn’t appear that your company or brand is jumping on any bandwagons or trying to trend jack. It has quite the opposite affect. It shows that your company or business is an expert in its field. This is done by creating good quality content that isn’t trying to sell or convert. It’s simply about building trust, and familiarity. 

The best way for a company to make an impact on social media is with steady, consistent content that is uploaded and seen regularly.

Consistency says Reliability, Longevity, and ultimately Trust.

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