Update your Clients with Video Content to keep them up to date

Has your company made changes to its services?

If your company is returning to work or has made changes to its procedures or services, video content is a fantastic way to keep your customers up to date.
Perhaps as you return to work the hours that your business is open have changed. Customers really appreciate knowing that those hours have changed as no one likes a wasted journey.

Let your customers know

Even if your business isn’t open to the public, and your way of contact or ordering is via telephone or email, make sure you let your customers know that this is the case. Let your customers know that the hours that your phones are answered. Let your customers know how long it may take to get a response from an email or a voicemail. Even if your company is super busy, it’s worth letting your customers know how long before they can expect a response or a call back.

Your customers will appreciate it

Your customers will appreciate that you’ve taken the time to let them know, and they will act accordingly. Customers are more likely to actually leave a message if they know how long it will take to get a response. Your customers will send an email enquiry if they expect a response in a suggested amount of time. If they don’t know when the email or message is likely to be answered your customer may be less likely to leave a message or send an email.

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Changes to Services

Have you changed what services you offer to the public since the pandemic and the subsequent lockdowns?
If you have tailored your services or products to adapt to the post pandemic lockdowns, it makes sense to let your customers know that the products/services have changed. Your company may have reduced its product range as certain products are not available at present. Your company may have started selling different products as your company may have changed direction or pivoted during the pandemic lockdowns.

Don’t disappoint your Customer

It’s good business sense to not disappoint your customer. Even if you no longer stock or provide what they formally required, it makes sense to tell them so. Then they will appreciate your care, may purchase something else or tell other potential clients about your great customer service. And if you make it clear what services and products that you are now providing, your customer is able to share that with other potential clients by forwarding or sharing your video updates.

Health and Safety Changes

Has your company changed its health and safety procedures due to the pandemic? Does your company provide PPE? Are there certain requirements that your customer should be aware of when visiting your premises, when accepting a delivery, having a meeting or delivering. These updates can all be shared with video content.

Video Content Distribution

Video content can be created then distributed via social media platforms, quickly and efficiently updating your customers and clients.
These updates can be tailored according to the changes in the business and directed to the particular audience whom it affects by distributing on social media platforms.
Social media platforms can be utilised to get your updates out there quickly, efficiently, and effectively.

Adapt your Message Accordingly

You can adapt your message for each platform if you wish as different platforms may have different audiences or different ways to engage. Speak to your video content creators who can help you optimise your message for your audience on the best platform. And the best platform is always going to be where your customers spend their time.

Keep your clients Updated

Updating your clients is a fantastic way of promoting and reinforcing your brand by providing information rather than a sales pitch. Your Clients and customers are more likely to remember your company as it becomes more and more familiar. And you’re not even trying to sell anything.

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Great Customer Service

Your company is going to appear to be thorough in its actions as you are updating customers, which they can only see as a great service that your company is providing.

Your Company is the Expert

Your company will seem the expert and the go to bench mark company setting standards in your business/trade/service as your video content begins to populate the social media platforms. Your customers will begin to have a bond with your company even though they may never have purchased anything from you, or used your services recently. When it comes to making a purchasing or service choice your company’s reputation is already very high as your company now has brand recognition, and is seen to be a leader in its field.

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Customers like to be Included

Don’t forget we all like to know what’s going on and always feel better when we’re included. Your customers and potential clients are no different. They want to belong and know what’s going on. And the best way to let your customers know what is going on is with Consistent Video Content

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