Content Management & Marketing

Our fees start at a very reasonable level allowing us to work with a wider variety of small start-ups, micro businesses, and Non Government Organisations at an affordable price.

JMills Rode

We are able to provide social content to be used for your planned marketing. By prior arrangement we can organise content creation, and content management before, during, and even after the project has been shot and completed.


Optimizing  various social network platforms, the content could include clips and images for Instagram, and mixed content for Facebook, Twitter, and websites and blogs.

We also offer a Behind the Scenes filming service where the production is filmed, edited, and distributed online. These can be very useful to generate interest in the forthcoming film and optimised for social media marketing.


Please feel free to contact Mät to discuss your project and required outcomes.

01920 413 048 / 07956 579548


Producer Maxine King on location.