Video Testimonials are a great way to get clients

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Have you ever checked a review on Google before purchasing or using a service? Do you always like to know that the company that you’re using is experienced and will do what they say?

My answer is yes, and like lots of potential customers I want to be sure of the company that I’m hiring to do something or using their service.

That’s why testimonials are so important for businesses. They let your client/customers tell future customers how good your services are. If your company provides great customer service and is well thought of by your customers and clients why not tell potential new clients?

But some people may not believe that the testimonial is genuine when they see it on Google or a review site. They may think that someone at the company just wrote it and stuck a name to it.

When they see a video of a client/customer actually talking about the service their doubts dwindle. Video Testimonials can capture the enthusiasm and authenticity of your satisfied customers. They can be created to show how your company solved a problem for the client and how your company did it.


Testimonials videos can be created at the work place or business premises. They can also be videoed at alternative locations which may suit your happy client or customer. Kingstreetimages can shoot the video testimonials in your client’s home or business. 

The videos can consist of one testimonial or several. They can be created to optimise the various online platforms to give your company exposure across social media. The testimonials can be created to have a very fast turnaround so that your company can utilise the fast paced social media marketing platforms.

If you’re thinking of creating video content and marketing that is quick to produce, quick to distribute to online platforms, and cost effective THINK TESTIMONIAL VIDEOS think KINGSTREETIMAGES

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