Covid 19 Update for Your Customers

woman and sign warning about corona covid 19

The Covid 19 Corona Virus has been with us since early Spring, and with it came uncertainty. 

Lots of businesses had to close, lots of staff were furloughed, and some businesses had to change their business model. 

Throughout this year regulations concerning Covid 19 have been constantly evolving.  

This can be difficult for businesses as they have to let their customers and staff know what is going on. And keeping your staff and customers up to do date with safety precautions, opening hours, and regulations can be tricky when you take into account social distancing.

Speed of communication is vital in these constantly evolving times. But speed without the right information isn’t the best solution. 

A great way to make sure your staff and clients are up to date with your businesses current Covid 19 regulation is with video content

woman in mask on laptop screen with keyboard

These can be created and distributed very quickly. They are cost effective way of getting an up to date message out to your clients and customers.

Please feel free to call for a chat and let Kingstreetimages help you get your message out safely, quickly, efficiently, and effectively.

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