Creating Video in Herts & Essex during Covid 19

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Can you create video and digital content during Covid 19 Coronavirus?

We  are able to create video and digital content for you, your company or your brand during the Covid 19 Coronavirus pandemic. This is done by abiding by strict health and safety procedures, and optimising  already existing content if available.

Some Companies Need Video Content During The Pandemic

Even during the Covid 19 Corona Virus Pandemic lockdown some companies have need video and digital content. Some of it is for health and safety instructions for their staff, clients, and the general public. man with video and gimbal in wood jungle

Communicate Changes Through Video

Some businesses were able to carry on operating but had reduced outputs and offered different services than normal. These changes were easily and quickly communicated via video. 

We Can Use Provided Footage For Your Video

Here at Kingstreetimages we make a wide variety of content, and are able to shoot content when appropriate but we’re also able to optimise available stock footage and provided client footage. A consultation can be carried out remotely via Zoom, Skype, or Google Hangouts to ascertain the content. Then a script would be agreed. If necessary a shooting schedule would be put in place. If provided footage were to be used the footage would be sent for editing and compiling the video. A video would then be created and cleared with the client. We can then deliver the video content for the client to upload to their preferred platforms to optimise and manage.

Create and Manage YouTube Channels

Kingstreetimages is also able to upload, write descriptive SEO optimised copy, and create SEO optimised tags for the customer’s YouTube channel. These tags and Our services also include YouTube channel management and creation. Kingstreetimages can also call on the services of specialist technical copy writers who can optimise for industry specific SEO.

Distribute Video Content Quickly

We created this short video for Sorpen Financial Solutions that needed to be produced and distributed quickly to highlight a mortgage rate on offer. 
This short promotional video was produced, approved by the client and distributed via online platforms very quickly. 

Creating Video Abiding by Safety Standards

painted female nails holding covid 19 signIf you need video or digital content we can use your provided video, use stock footage, or create video abiding by all lockdown safety standards.

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