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Video Content Marketing for your brand

We have just created some content marketing  videos for Wheelie Bin Cleaners Freshbinz Ltd of Sawbridgeworth, Hertfordshire, CM21

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They were short and included a company logo irrespective of the length of the video. The video marketing benefits of a familiar logo when combined with video content begin to build your content video marketing strategy to be multi-platform as your brand’s awareness grows.

Content Marketing Strategy using Video Content

What is a great way of video content marketing? Question and Answer videos are a fantastic way of video content marketing for your company or brand. They are targeted at your clients by researching the actual questions that they want answering. This is good for your SEO and your clients who will get their questions answered.

These question and answer videos were created for distribution on social media, and were hosted on YouTube. By hosting on Youtube the videos will load quicker, and won’t affected by  your website’s bandwith.

These videos can become a great part of your video content marketing strategy and can be combined with your social video marketing.

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Video Marketing Benefits

They were scripted, shot, edited, and distributed very quickly. By turning these around at speed the content was able to reach the client’s customers at the right time when these questions would be pertinent. The video marketing benefits can be optimised by combining a video content strategy and targeting your clients preferred platforms.

Video Marketing Strategy

If you can create video content that can be used multiple times across a wide range of social media platforms you can start building out your video marketing strategy. These videos can be uploaded to Youtube, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instragram, Twitter, IG TV, TikTok. And if you upload them natively to each platform they will perform better as the platform wants to keep its clients there rather than bouncing to another platform. The scripts can be copied and pasted and repurposed for copy and distribution on platforms.

Social Video Marketing

If your company would like to have a chat with us about creating Question and Answer videos, or other types of corporate video and digital content for your company, brand, or product please give us a call or drop us an email.

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Freshbinz Video Content Marketing

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Freshbinz jet wash, deodorise and disinfect all sizes of wheelie bins. This helps eliminate unpleasant odours and leaves your bins clean and smelling fresh.

Having your wheelie bin cleaned will reduce the bacterial build up that causes those bad smells. It also decreases the risk of pests and vermin around your home or premises.

We clean on a four-weekly cycle. So  after that difficult first clean, we will attend regularly  to ensure your bin hygiene is maintained.


  1. Why should I get my bin professionally cleaned by Freshbinz Limited?

Your bin should be professionally cleaned by Freshbinz Ltd on a regular basis. If not properly cleaned, bins can become unhygienic and smelly. This can attract vermin and become a breeding ground for germs and maggots.

The professional teams at Freshbinz are fully insured and have the necessary licences to dispose of waste water.

Freshbinz has been operating since 2016 helping to keep local bins clean and fresh.

We are proud members of The National Association of Wheelie Bin Washers (NAWBW) and follow their code of conduct.

  1. How is my bin cleaned?

Your bin will be cleaned by Freshbinz on the day your bin has been emptied (or the following day if necessary).  Your bin will be lifted onboard our specialist vehicle and jet washed inside and out. Our staff ensure it’s free of all dirt and debris before drying the outside and deodorising the inside.  A disinfectant is then applied to the lid and handles before returning the bin to the agreed spot.

  1. How often do you clean?

Freshbinz will clean your bins on a four-weekly basis.  Freshbinz aims to attend on the day that your bin is emptied.

  1. It’s bank holiday this week, will my bin still be cleaned?

If it’s a bank holiday week, Freshbinz adjusts  its schedule to mirror your local council. Freshbinz will still aim to clean your bin on the day that it is emptied

  1. Does my bin need to be empty?

Freshbinz can only clean an empty bin. Freshbinz aims to attend on the day that your bin is emptied. Occasionally it may be necessary to attend the following day. If that is the case we ask that you leave your bin empty and available until we have been.

  1. Do I have to be at home?

You do not have to be at home for Freshbinz to clean your bins. Freshbinz’s  vehicles are all self-contained with power and water, so you don’t need to be there.
But please ensure that you leave your bin where it is visible and accessible to our professional team.
If your bins are kept with your neighbour’s bins we’ll need to know how to identify your bins.

  1. How much do you charge?

Freshbinz  has a range of prices.

For one-off bin cleans it’s £9 per bin

 But for our  pre-paid, regular four-weekly service:
6 cleans are £24 per bin. This works out to £4 per bin

12 cleans are £45 per bin. This works out to just £3.75 per clean, less than a £1 per week.

  1. How do I pay?

Freshbinz is able totake a variety of Payment methods. Pre-payments can be made via bank transfer or PayPal. See ‘Pay for services’ on our website.
One-off cleans will be invoiced in advance and can be settled via Stripe, bank transfer or PayPal. We do not take cash.

  1. Can I pay your staff cash?

Freshbinz do not take cash payments. Freshbinz aims to provide a contactless service for the safety of our staff and customers.


  1. What happens if I forget to put my bin out; will I still be charged?

If you forget to put your bin, and it’s a one-off mistake, don’t worry. We won’t charge you; but the pricing of our pre-paid packages are based on the initial deep clean followed by  four-weekly maintenance cleans. If a bin is unavailable on a regular basis we will review the service we provide and may suggest the customer switches to one-off cleans as and when required.

  1. Are you a local company?

Freshbinz ltd is a local company, based in Sawbridgeworth, Hertfordshire.  My business partner, our staff, and I all live locally.

  1. How can I contact your office?

If you need to contact Freshbinz, you can email us at
You can telephone, text or WhatsApp Freshbinz on 07557735352
You can also contact us via our Facebook page, Freshbinz
You can write to us at Freshbinz Limited, 17 The Meadows, Sawbridgeworth, Herts. CM21 9PY

 If your company would like to have a chat with us about corporate videos including Question and Answer type videos for your company, brand, or product please give us a call or drop us an email.

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