Stop Music Copyright Claims on YouTube for Corporate & Business Videos

Music Tracks on YouTube

Most videos Kingstreetimages create have a music track, and particularly if there is no spoken word. People don’t generally like silent videos unless they are scrolling on a phone with subtitles.

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Copyright Free Music

There are lots of sources of music where you can purchase copyright free, royalty free, and even free music. There is even available music on YouTube that you can use in your productions.

Licensing Music from Publishers and Artists

You cannot just use a piece, snippet of music or a sound effect just because you like it and think no one will mind. After all you’re only using a few seconds. They will mind and it may be picked up by Content ID on YouTube. If you do like a piece of music you may be able to license it from the publisher and artist. Kingstreetimages can do that as part of our production process.

Keep a Cue Sheet for YouTube

So if you’re going post any videos on YouTube be aware that you should keep documentation substantiating your right to use that music, a cue sheet. Cue Sheets are the normal way performing rights organizations keep track of their music in productions.

Prove Yourself Innocent on YouTube

YouTube has an odd position for copyright claims on videos. It can be the case that someone may make a claim on your content even though they have no rights to it. You then have to dispute the claim, prove yourself innocent.

Copyright Strikes

Meanwhile someone may have monetised your content, and now adverts that offer a similar service to you are now running on your content. Your content could be pulled from YouTube. This can lead to Copyright strikes against your channel: your online brand. This can even lead to your channel being sanctioned even deleted.

Copyright strike undermining your Marketing

As a business does this affect you? Maybe? Maybe not.  It could completely undermine all your marketing links that you’ve built around that content. If the content is part of a funnel it could be creating a counter message thus blocking the funnel. Advertisements could be sending the wrong messages to your clients.

Be right on, get your music rights

In essence, make sure you can substantiate your rights to any music that you upload.

And that about sums it up…

Kingstreetimages for all your video and digital content needs.

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