Corporate Video Ideas

Try These Corporate Video Ideas

Corporate Video Ideas

You have an idea for a corporate video? It’s about, what?

So you’ve decided your company would like a corporate video, or you’re thinking about a video for your company but you don’t know what your video should be about. Take a look at these corporate video ideas. You can adapt them, mix them, or just follow them as they are. By the end of the piece you should have some great ideas for your next corporate video.

There are lots of different types of corporate videos for all different types of businesses and purposes. If you’re stuck for a few ideas of what your corporate video should be about check out these ideas. And feel free to get in touch should you require a video services, content creation, freelance writing, or some advice.

Corporate Video Ideas

They want to know, what?

A great place to start when thinking about corporate video is putting yourself in the client or customer’s shoes. What would they like to see? What do they want to know? 

Not again, really? Let your corporate video answer questions for you. 

1. Think about the questions that your customers or clients ask you most often. Are there lots of “Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)” that you’re asked or seem to crop up on a regular basis? You could do a whole selection of FAQ videos, which would not only help the customers but also potentially save you and your colleagues a lot of time.

You got a problem? Do corporate videos solve problems? Only if you make them.

2. What does your product or service solve? A video that not only explains what your product does but emphasises what problems your product can solve. After all customers buy a product or service to generally solve a problem. Sometimes the customer doesn’t even know that the problem can be solved with your product or service. Please make sure you tell them, and why you’re at tell them about some other problems you can solve. They don’t have to be in the same video. It’s not always a good idea to put to much information in one video. Pace yourself, and optimise for another video, which is more content for your company to promote. Build up a veritable content platform. 

Sure, really. Here’s an idea. Let your customer listen to themselves. Well, kind of…

3. Sometimes no matter how hard you try to convince someone of the benefits and services that you offer they aren’t to be convinced. Nope. They smile, and nod sagely, and think; well, you would say that wouldn’t you. But when you have a genuine testimonial from a customer or client who is honest, and, hopefully passionate, about what a great product or service you provided. And of course they would recommend you.

Would you be more convinced by a genuine customer or a company representative?

What, all day? Let your corporate video put a face to your business. Smile.

4. People are always curious. And some may be thinking it’s curious the way that you had such a short sentence that ends abruptly at the beginning of this tip. But I digress. Curiousity is a fantastic element of human nature. It’s what keeps people reading long books or hooked to soap operas for year upon year.

And in real life people are curious about what other people do. They are fascinated by a day in the life, reality television, and fly on the wall documentary.

Your customers and clients are curious about what you and your employees do all day. How you spend your time at the company. They are intrigued by why you have a desk that faces a blank wall rather than by a window. Put a human face to your companies activities. Create snapshots of moments and allow your customer to see that you are not just a company providing a service but very interesting too. These videos can be done in a vlogging style or in a more traditional corporate manner. Either way let your customer put a face to your business.

Corporate video ideas

No instructions, really? 

5. We all love to see an unboxing video don’t we? If by chance you haven’t seen one check some out  of the unboxing videos on YouTube. Are we on the edge of our seats as we wonder what will come out of the box next? Will it be more paper packaging or air filled plastic? Are all the parts there? Are there any instructions or do I have to download a PDF?

If your company makes a product and is fortunate to have packaging what about chucking a curve ball and making a boxing video?

That goes where?

6. A close relative of the un-boxing and boxing video is the “lesser spotted” assembly video. These can be a complete assembly or just elements being put together. And of course there is the disassembly video, which can include lots of sad music just to set the scene.

If it’s going to be a long assemble or disassemble, think about including a timelapse element to the video. Remember, sometimes less is more. And we all like to watch the highlights sometimes. If you haven’t taken a timelapse just speed and slow down your footage during the edit.

Clouds not included.

7. Most things can be made to look really fun and interesting with a timelapse. Unloading a truck that took twelve hours can looks relatively riveting if compressed into a 20 second time lapse. If you can manage to include the loading as well you’ve already got a beginning and an end. Win, win, and you didn’t even have to break sweat. Unless of course you were unloading and loading. And in that case it will save you going to the gym.

Timelapses can be stand alone for social media, part of a longer video, or put together for a longer piece. And the great thing with timelapse is that most mobile phones can do them really well. But please, try and rest the camera or phone where it won’t vibrate or move every other frame.

And on the subject of timelapses, please don’t forget to at least record some speeding clouds regardless of whether you’re going to use them or not. They look fantastic when you watch them back but like everything else clouds go in and out of fashion. These clouds come in very handy if you’re not having quite such a good day at some point in the future and the mindfulness and meditation isn’t working. Just watch those clouds bounce around and find their true path and calling.

No superheroes required…

8. A good old origin story is always useful. It can give some history and, indeed, gravitas to the company. It doesn’t have to start from when you were born but it could. It could just be elements of the origin or the company, product, or service. It could be the “Eureka” moment when you first got started retold. What about an epiphany? How your ideas changed and you took a certain path.

ideas for corporate video

Almost finished

There are lots of ideas for corporate videos. I hope these ideas were of help. If you need video services, content creation, or freelance writing please call me for a chat. I am also available on a consultation basis with or without clouds.

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