What Makes a Good Corporate Video?

And how long is a piece of string?

There are probably as many elements that go into creating a successful corporate videos as there are that go into creating an unsuccessful corporate video.

Of course, you would need to define successful, wouldn’t you?

There are lots of ways to define successful but when creating a corporate video I think if the client is happy with the video after shooting and distributing you must have done something right.

Clothes may have dated but …

Naturally, things change as the video matures, and is replaced. This could be anything from a week to several years. But the fundamental premise of the video should still be there. Clothes, styles, music, graphics may have dated but does the premise hold up?

Tell us a story, go on you know you want to

Does the video do what it was created for? Does it still tell a story? Does it still compel the audience to take action? Is the message clear? Does it engage with the audience? In short does it still fulfill the original purpose?

Give it a chance, please,

To give your corporate video half a chance there are a few steps you can take that will certainly improve your video.

Bad lighting, you know who you are

Nobody likes bad lighting. Even bad lighting doesn’t like bad lighting. Try and make the effort to light your video well. It will look more professional, and in turn make you look more professional.

Bad lighting’s friend is bad audio

Take care with your audio. Bad sound can be distracting, as your audience are concentrating more on deciphering mumbled words than hearing the carefully constructed story that you’ve created. Good sound when mixed and balanced can give your video that professional touch that can help sell your story.

Should you use a script or do you think you should just go off the cuff?

Well if you really want to get your message across the best way to do it is to script it. It certainly helps to cut out the umms and arrghs. Write the script then re-write the script, and (you know where this is going, I would hope) and re-write the script.

Yes, learn the script. Yes, you at the back, laddie

Once your script is as good as you or your writer can make allocate some time to learn the script. A lot can be achieved in small amounts of time over a few days if possible. This gives the brain time to process the script and make it less stressful for you.

Location, Location, and yep

Within your script identify your location or locations ahead of the shooting date. This will give you time to dress them appropriately, check sound levels, lighting levels, and give you an idea of where to place your camera, lights and audio equipment.

Planes are noisy, as is traffic. Really, Sherlock?

If your locations are outside be aware of the weather, plane noise, traffic, and a multitude of unexpected occurrences. These are sure to happen as soon as you take the lens cap of the camera and break out the pre-shoot donuts and coffee.

Food, glorious food

On the subject of food, it is always good to have refreshments available no matter the size of the shoot. Even a cup of coffee and a biscuit can be a great tool for relaxing your talent or can be something to look forward to after sailing through your script in an Oscar winning performance. Food is a great way to bond with your crew, your talent, and anyone whom you’ve managed to rope into helping you out.

Fail to plan…

Allow enough time to finish the shoot within becoming stressed or irritable. A little bit of pre-planning can save you hours on the shooting day.

Looking good

These are a few tips to help you get your corporate shoot looking good. But if you don’t have the time, or, indeed, inclination to put a corporate video shoot together get a professional in to create your corporate video and amplify your message.

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