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New Business Year Ahead

WITH a new business year ahead, it’s a good time to take a fresh look at business strategy, to think about your brand and how best to engage your customers.

Your Shop Window

Your online presence is your shop window to your product or services, your key marketing tool. But what else can you do to elevate your business, raise your profile, and really show how great you are, how passionate and knowledgeable you are?

Top Marketing Tools

Online video is now one of the top marketing tools available to business, and is set to keep growing. It shows clients exactly who you are and what you do, in a way that you can’t with images and text alone. In a short video, you can encapsulate your USP, your passion for your product, your service, your team, in fact, your entire business in a nutshell to customers and clients globally.

Are you Reluctant?

So why are some businesses reluctant to be the subject of their own film? It could be cost, camera shyness or that you’re just not convinced it can bring real value to your business.

More Accessible

With digital technology, film and video are now more accessible than ever. It’s possible to shoot and edit your own video using your smart phone or tablet, but a clean, content rich professional video will reflect your own professionalism far better. The good news is that it’s possible to commission a video comfortably within your budget. Talk to us about what you want to achieve, and we can schedule a shoot that works in a time and cost efficient way. We can also help out with tailor made content to present your business in the most favourable light.

Provides Support

It can be disconcerting in front of the camera, but our production team provides the support you need to make you feel at ease. We can take a more informal approach, more conversational in style to help you deliver your message. There are many ways to produce a video, and that also includes a video which doesn’t feature you.

Fastest Growing

Online video for business is one of the fastest growing marketing tools. With time limitations on your customers and clients, it puts your message across succinctly, beautifully and with impact. For all your social media platforms and your website, your message can be distributed over and over again, locally, nationally and internationally. You can impart your passion and your personality, critical to building your contacts and maintaining your position in the market, with style and clarity.

Be a Leader not a Follower

When it comes to using the latest marketing technology, you can be the leader, not a follower.

Fancy a Chat?

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