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Cold, Dark, Winter

It was a cold dark Winter’s evening when I checked that I had all more equipment before loading up the vehicle. I find it’s always best to check you have everything and then check again. It wasn’t going to be a long or complicated shoot.

Clients can often be put off having a video made as they think it’s going to be a long, complicated, and , having all the potentials of a stressful event.

No Stress

Not so. Creating a video for your business should be a simple and stress free experience.

That is what you as a client should aim for and what we as a video production company should do also.

Back to our cold, dark, Winter’s evening as it would be a shame to waste such a setting that I’d taken so much time to create. I arrived at the shoot location and it had a car park with a back door into the location. I knew exactly where to park as I’d had a pre-production meeting at the location the week before.

Always Helpful

It’s always helpful for all if you can have a pre-production meeting at the location before the shoot. It can help with equipment choice, and which lights you may need. It is also helpful for the client as they get used the idea of being filmed.

It isn’t always possible to have a pre-shoot meet in the location as it may be too far, the client isn’t available, or there just isn’t the time available in people’s schedules.

My cold, dark, Winter’s evening filming went really well. The client was prepared and we had it edited and back to them to really quickly as they had a tight deadline for a property show. The client runs Property by Design: a property staging business which helps people maximise their property prices by making sure the property looks good.

If you’re thinking of having a video or film produced and you can allow the time for a pre meeting it will be really helpful for you. And in particular if you haven’t been in front of a camera before.


Just think of it as like being in front of your mobile phone and relax. Of course you don’t have to appear in front of the camera, or speak in front of the camera. There are some promotional videos that don’t use any talking.

After all, they say a picture is worth a thousand words.

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