Making a Corporate Video with Stock Footage, Music, & Sound Effects


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Please Do Not Video Me

Kingstreetimages worked with a client recently who didn’t want to appear in any video content, which is fine but he also didn’t want his voice or his staff’ or their voices within the video. 

This happens on occasion for various reasons.  It may be that people just don’t want to appear on camera. It could be that they don’t want their appearance to be associated with the brand or company that they are promoting. And some companies are cautious as to how long their staff may be working for them so are very wary of placing them in videos for the company whom they no longer work for. Like any video or content a concept needs to be developed with the client with the aims of the video clearly differentiated within the outline and proposal irrespective of how the video content is created.

Once  decided a script will be created building upon projected outcomes from the outline stage.

How Long Does It Take For A Video

Depending how quickly the video needs to be produced these steps can be achieved relatively quickly as long as the concept and outcome are agreed. On occasion a video may need to go from concept to production to publishing and promotion within a hour or so. Other videos may take weeks or even months of research and planning to finalise a concept and produce the required content optimising the agreed outcomes.

In this case the whole video was put together using purely visual content sourced  and licensed from footage agencies and our content that we produce.

There was no voice over on this particular video but if there were to be one, it would be need to be scripted, talent found, recorded, and edited for the video.

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Sprinkle Some Sound To Taste

Sound effects were added to the visual content. And when there is no voice over  this can be a little more present and audible.

After our initial consultation with the client we had a reasonable idea of what type of music to use but it can take a while to actually find the perfect piece of music that matches the content, outcomes, and actually works with the piece.

Once these elements have been edited together with the client’s titles, logos and branding added the video is published on the various platforms with a certain content calendar. These are agreed with the client to optimise the reach of the video and harness the video’s arrival on the platform with the algorithm, which may favour recently uploaded videos.

Time To Upload

After the video is uploaded it is time to promote the video whether by social media or harnessing email lists to maximise the reach of the video and in particular while it is still relatively new.

There are lots of sources of visual media that Kingstreetimages can use to create video content. We could shoot specific content for your business at your business, which is by far the most popular way to create content for a business.

Or we could licence existing stock video to create a video promoting a business, brand, or even an individual. 

The choice is ultimately down to the client but we treat every client and their needs uniquely.

How would you like your video made?

With careful preparation and planning of imagery a video is worth a lot more than a thousand words.


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