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In Production

Like Father Like Son

Back Soon

In Post Production

Long Stick Proliferation Treaty

Selected Filmography

Painting the Future 2017

Absolutely 2017

Arts Means Business 2016

The People’s Fish 2016

Archive Montage: Like Father Like Son 2016

The Boy and the Boat  2015

Forty Hall Estate 2015

John Farnham, Sculptor   2015

take 5 artists  2015

Takeover Day at Lowewood Museum. Lowewood Museum 2014

Fire & Fright. Heritage Foundation 2014

New Connections. Watford Museum 2014

Civil War at Cedars. Broxbourne Council 2014

A Portrait of John W Mills 2014

Gibberd Gallery. Featuring Langlands & Bell. Harlow Art Trust  2014

Type 1 Zealotry. Zavier Ellis. Charlie Smith London  2014

Dreams & Fantasy. Young Curators. Gibberd Gallery  2014

The Memory Palace. Digswell Arts Trust   2014

Dogability  2013

The Academy Playsomething Live. Hertfordshire College of Music  2013

In Conversation with Gavin Nolan. Charlie Smith London  2013

In Conversation with Graham Boyd: For Want of a Label  2013

Cyclical  2012

Jubilee 2012   2012

Family Picture 2012

Live East Die Young 2012

Flip  2012

As It Sounds   2012

Snowman Noses To Go  2012

In Development

Bicycle Thief

My Rope

Down the Ponds (Feature)

With This Ring (Feature length documentary)

Other Writing

EC1 (Novel)

Incognito (Screenplay)

Bernie Allabout (Drama)

Loft (Drama)

Banglabeat (Drama)

Marathon (Drama)


Kingstreetimages’ Paper Boat.

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