Lights, Camera, Museum

We had a fantastic evening filming at Hertfordshire’s Lowewood Museum. We were filming for their new short film “Absolutely” . One of the great things about the Hoddesdon based museum is they not only make you welcome but also make every visit fun.

And On The Panel…

Looking forward to working with the Youth Panel from Lowewood Museum in Broxbourne, Hertfordshire on their new short film. Such a fantastic museum with a great programme and such interesting exhibits. 

The Silver Darlings

I saw this fantastic old film, recently, set in Scotland called: The Silver Darlings. It was from the 1940s and neither Gordon Jackson nor Finlay Currie were in it. Still a good film though. And with new videos and films being created and uploaded by the second how can you ever hope to catch up?  It got me thinking. How can …

Watching You

Filming along the Kentish coast today. Can’t think which Hitchcock film this shot reminded me of?

The People’s Fish

  Put together this little short using archive footage from ITN Source and music from Audio Network for the ITN Source Short Film Competition 2016.   I could have made many choices, told various stories, and created numerous narratives with the abundance of footage, audio, and music that was available. With exactly the same footage but in a different order would my …

Ring Finger

I couldn’t get a signal today. But found this old phone on the location where we were filming a corporate video, and it worked. It’d be great if it only had a swipeable screen and was a tad more portable. Only wish we could have used it in the film. Still if anyone wants to make a corporate film involving …

The Unexpected Delights

Snapped this while filming in London. Not quite a Tardis but it’s definitely an old police phone box. Always brightens the dullest of days when you come across the unexpected.

Film of the Month

  Our film “The Boy and The Boat” has been selected for Shooting People’s final twelve in their Film of the Month Competition. Please take a look and vote for “The Boy and The Boat” if you’re a member. Many thanks.   Shooting People’s Film of the Month Competition

The Boy and The Boat Now Online

The Boy and the Boat explores the idea of loss and the affect is has on a mother over a period of time. The short film is part of our new narrative strand, which explores the idea of loss and grief. The film consciously makes no allusion to what is real, imagined or may have happened or may happen in …

Commercial Meets Creative

Our latest film The Boy and The Boat is a narrative short about loss and its impact on the family. As a creative production company, we produce narrative films alongside our commercial work. Take a look at our Kingstreetimages’ channel on vimeo for more films.