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The Boy and the Boat explores the idea of loss and the affect is has on a mother over a period of time. The short film is part of our new narrative strand, which explores the idea of loss and grief.

The film consciously makes no allusion to what is real, imagined or may have happened or may happen in the future.  No specific signs were shown to indicate what may have happened. We felt that with a subject as sensitive as the loss of a child we should allow our viewers to form and develop their own ideas based on the content of the film. If our viewers take the time to  watch the film we feel that it’s only right to allow them to create their own narrative with the elements provided.

Production still featurning Jago King and paper boat

Boy with paper boat from SIDS: The Boy and the Boat

Pure Cinema

During the early stages of the creation of the concept we made a decision to make the film dialogue free. We wanted to make it a universal film based on visual storytelling and a collective idea of imagery that we are all able to process but explore in different ways.

Jago King production still

Young boy stands by river during SIDS: The Boy and the Boat.

Dialogue Free

We love dialogue in our films, and the opportunities it offers to move your story forward in clever ways but with our story we felt that a picture is surely worth a thousand word. The film runs at a little over four minutes so you’re welcome to do the maths. 23.976 frames per second x …. Answers on a postcard, please.

Early production tester Kingstreetimages

Early production poster from SIDS: the boy and the boat.


The Boy and The Boat has been in production over the past year, capturing different seasons in the locations we have used. The film was shot in Hertfordshire making use of the many remote rural locations that exist within the county. We shot mainly in East Hertfordshire, in and around the Ash Valley very close to Herts and Middlesex Wildlife Trust’s  at Amwell .

Monument Valley 

At times we had to reschedule or move very quickly as the odd roaming cow or even on occasions (herd) of cows didn’t appreciate our closed set. It was never Monument Valley during a stampede but we did have to move with a certain pace.

Butterfly Wrangler

We worked by the side of a small river which was on occasion home to some wonderful butterflies. They were fabulous to work with but rarely took direction. The butterflies at times seemed to disappear in the direction of the nearby Lee Valley, and the River Lee heading into Ware.

Production Still Kingstreetimages.

Production still SIDS: Kingstreetimages. The Boy and the Boy.


Please take a look at  The Boy and the Boat. If you could like and share we would appreciate it.



SIDS: Kingstreetimages



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