Using a Gimbal and a Mobile phone for Video Content Works Really Well

Talking of gimbals and phones. This video was shot on a phone and gimbal one chilly morning. Sometimes the convenience of a phone and gimbal are unbeatable. It’s about using the right equipment for the right production. Draxo the Drone did help out with a couple or three aerial shots.
Kingstreetimages doesn’t tend to overuse drone footage as it can make content overly long and dilute the video’s purpose, which is to inform, entertain, and increase the profile of the brand/business/individual or organisation.
Ultimately, it all helps to increase the profile of the subject to be the go-to expert in the field.
This was shot for New River Line Community Rail Partnership and features Katie Goldthorpe of The New River Line, and Caroline Smith of Police Station Agency, No Comment.

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