The African Queen

We had a meeting at Harlow Museum, part of Science Alive and Harlow’s Time Machine, this morning. The museum is sited among beautifully kept walled gardens, and always has really well-thought out exhibits. As you walk in to the welcoming entrance there sits a beautiful plant, The African Queen, or more commonly known as the Parrot Plant.  And who could look at a plant with such a name without remembering John Huston’s, The African Queen starring Humphrey Bogart and Katherine Hepburn based on a novel by CS Forester.  It’s a fantastic story set in Africa during World War I . The novel was recently adapted by Paul Mendelson for a Radio 4 play starring Toby Jones as steam boat captain Charlie Allnutt and Samantha Bond as  Rose Sayer the missionary. The radio version has the original ending, which for those of you used to the film may come as quite a surprise.

African Queen

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