Light Work

Close up of new sculpture by Valerie Inns inspired by a residency with Astro Lighting for The Gibberd Gallery ‘s current project: Arts Means Business.  The sculpture has been created using plaster, one of the materials used by Astro in their lighting product range.  The work in progress will be featured in an upcoming exhibition at Gibberd Gallery, alongside work by …

Women of World War II Memorial Damaged

The Women of World War II Memorial in London’s Whitehall created by Hertfordshire sculptor John W. Mills was damaged during the post election protests. The large scale bronze memorial was damaged with graffiti during the same week as the VE Day 70th anniversary. The memorial commemorates the contribution of all women during the Second World War. In Kingstreetimages’ film, A …

John Farnham and Torso

Final day filming sculptor John Farnham for our forthcoming film profiling the prolific sculptor who has been involved in the arts all of his working life.

John Farnham: A Material World

We’ve been filming sculptor John Farnham this week at his studio in Hertfordshire. John has been part of the art world all his life and grew up in Perry Green next door to Henry Moore. Really looking forward to resuming filming next week to hear more of John’s fantastic tales from the art world including his visit from Spartacus himself …

take 5 artists

take 5 artists A new film by Kingstreetimages features the eclectic work of five artists currently exhibiting together.

One Show Five Artists

Production still from our latest arts and culture film. The film features five very different artists who are brought together under one roof in a new exhibition featuring many newly produced works. Today we interviewed John Farnham (pictured) who began his career as a sculptor in the 1960’s in a corner of Henry Moore’s studio.

Portrait of Quentin Crisp

A still from our film A Portrait of John W. Mills. Quentin Crisp was a regular life model for John W. Mills.

The Donkey has landed…

We were filming John W. Mills and his donkey in his studio for our forthcoming profile film about him. It’s one of those fantastic places where you don’t ever want to film with a shallow depth of field as there’s so much there. Just a quick glance gives you Quentin Crisp and Dame Betty Boothroyd.

Sculpture Town App

We were filming at the Gibberd last week and interviewed the Gibberd Gallery’s Technical Development Manager, Hannah Lee who has been busy working on a Sculpture App for the sculpture collection. We also interviewed artist and gallery volunteer Jim Montgomery. And before leaving we even managed to interview the Gibberd Gallery’s newest volunteer Lolita Clark. Busy Week…