Fresh Ideas From The Trainee Barista

I finally reached the head of the queue in the coffee shop. A smiling barista apologised for the delay, and asked me what I wanted.  I then noticed the dreaded “Trainee” badge proudly pinned to their fresh new shirt. Then it was all clear: the light bulb moment. That was why my wait had been extended by a minute or …

Kids in Museums

It’s “Takeover Day” this week. Check out the Kids in Museums website where our commissioned film can be found documenting and celebrating this fantastic opportunity for young people. Kids in Museums

The Kids takeover Museum

Kids bring history to life at Lowewood Museum when they take over the running of the museum for the day. Kingstreetimages was there capturing all the events of the day as the kids took on various roles including marketing, object handling, and visitor tours. It was a really busy day for our crew as they not only filmed the event …

Late Afternoon in the Museum

Here’s Liam from the Broxbourne School, and Carla from the Lowewood Museum. Looking forward to putting the film together.

Takeover at the Lowewood Museum

We were at the Lowewood Museum filming Takeover Day, which is when students take over the running of a museum for the day. This happens throughout the country in a wide variety of museums. The students at the Lowewood Museum were from The Broxbourne School.

Lowewood Museum’s World War 1 Open Day

A fascinating day at Lowewood Museum’s World War I Open Day. It’s a wonderful museum, and there’s always something going on. We’ll  be back in November to film Take Over Day when young people will take over the running of the museum for the day.