Up the Runners and Risers

It has been a fascinating process filming British sculptor John W. Mills’ “Kicking Donkey” sculpture through its various stages of development. Kingstreetimages was making a film about John’s long and distinguished career as a sculptor while he was creating the sculpture of the donkey in the studio. And during that process we were commissioned to make a film about the …

Women of World War II Memorial Damaged

The Women of World War II Memorial in London’s Whitehall created by Hertfordshire sculptor John W. Mills was damaged during the post election protests. The large scale bronze memorial was damaged with graffiti during the same week as the VE Day 70th anniversary. The memorial commemorates the contribution of all women during the Second World War. In Kingstreetimages’ film, A …

Portrait of Quentin Crisp

A still from our film A Portrait of John W. Mills. Quentin Crisp was a regular life model for John W. Mills.

New Gibberd Gallery Film

Take a look at our new film for the Gibberd Gallery, featuring work by Henry Moore, Elisabeth Frink and Langlands & Bell.

Featuring Edward Lucie-Smith

We’ve been working with art critic and curator Edward Lucie-Smith recently. See Edward in our new film A Portrait of John W. Mills. Edward also featured in our Type 1 Zealotry Zavier Ellis film, produced for iBook.

The Donkey has landed…

We were filming John W. Mills and his donkey in his studio for our forthcoming profile film about him. It’s one of those fantastic places where you don’t ever want to film with a shallow depth of field as there’s so much there. Just a quick glance gives you Quentin Crisp and Dame Betty Boothroyd.

Central London Bronzes

We were in central London last week filming some of John W. Mills’ sculptures for our forthcoming profile film. It was amazing how many people cross the Millennium Bridge from and to The Tate Gallery. The National Fire Fighters’ memorial always attracts a crowd who seem moved by the enormity of those who have given their lives in the Fire …

Buster Keaton at the Playhouse, Harlow

Busy week last week, including an enjoyable afternoon filming John W. Mills at Harlow, Playhouse next to one of his pieces, Buster Keaton, part of his Hero series. It’s always amazing what fascinating insight John brings to his pieces when you film him with his work.  

The next stage of the giant donkey

Kingstreetimages will be filming one of Britain’s foremost sculptors John W. Mills as he produces a giant donkey sculpture. We were there last summer filming John creating the maquette. You may have seen John’s “Women of World War II” in London’s Whitehall.