To Thine Own Selfie Be True

Production still from a really busy day at the Lowewood Museum yesterday where we were filming with Liam Mercer from the 10th Essex Regiment Great War Living History Group, Ciara Jane Fleming from The Valle Academy of Performing Arts , and Caitlin one of the many members of Lowewood Museum’s Youth Panel who were filming. Of course Lowewood Museum’s tiger …


Off to the Lowewood Museum in Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire tomorrow to add a soldier to our historical figures featuring in their short film Absolutely. Members of the museum’s Youth Panel have appeared as Romans, Victorians, and even someone from the sixties.

Core, What A Great Day Out

Woolsthorpe Manor, where Isaac Newton was born and where he returned from Cambridge University in his 20’s during the plague, to work on his mind blowing discoveries is in Lincolnshire, and is a great heritage day out for all.

Escape to the Country Without Leaving London

On Kingstreetimages’ first day of filming at Forty Hall Estate the lake was frozen over and the ducks were skating and skidding across the ice. But they seemed to be having a great time of it, as we were once we’d warmed up with a cappuccino from the Nice Green Cafe. The winter sun melted the ice and we were …

Arts Marketing Symposium at University of Hertfordshire

Kingstreetimages is looking forward to the Arts Marketing Symposium tomorrow at the University of Hertfordshire’s Business School. It promises to be a great event with an interesting line up of speakers, creative and cultural practitioners and organisations. As a film and video production company promoting arts, culture, heritage and business through film and video, we’re looking forward to meeting others …

Ice Breaker

We’ve been at Forty Hall & Estate over the past few weeks as Winter hopefully breaks into Spring. It’s a fantastic place to film whether inside the beautifully restored interior of Forty Hall or in the vast landscape of architectural and historic interest.

Frozen Lake

Filming at Forty Hall & Estate this morning capturing those beautiful winter shots for our latest heritage film.

English Heritage Transformed

Fabulous reproduction of a Jacobean staircase at the Forty Hall Estate, which has recently undergone a major restoration project. The wonderful house and surrounding landscape are open to the public. We will be filming the transformed landscape as well as interiors in the house during the next few months programme of events, and exhibitions.

The Kids takeover Museum

Kids bring history to life at Lowewood Museum when they take over the running of the museum for the day. Kingstreetimages was there capturing all the events of the day as the kids took on various roles including marketing, object handling, and visitor tours. It was a really busy day for our crew as they not only filmed the event …