Arts Means Business Corporate Video in Harlow, Essex

Filmed in Harlow and Duckend, Essex here’s Kingstreetimages’ latest film which celebrates the Arts Means Business initiative from The Gibberd Gallery, based in Harlow, Essex. The film features artists Valerie Inns, and Sarah Brown – Architectural Artwork and Glass. The project included artists working in residences with Raytheon, Astro Lighting, and These companies all have offices in Harlow and …

Beware Of Falling Pears

We had a great day filming at Raytheon in Harlow for The Gibberd Gallery’s Arts Means Business film. We were working with artist, Sarah Brown – Architectural Artwork and Glass whose work will feature in the forthcoming exhibition at The Gibberd Gallery. And yes the pears were very tasty.

Lights, Camera, Astro

Spent the day filming at Astro Lighting where we were lucky to catch artist Valerie Inns’ lunchtime workshop. The film captures artists including Sarah Brown, Valerie Inns, and Connie Flynn’s work. This work was made as part of residences in businesses including Raytheon, Astro Lighting, and Arrow Electronics for a forthcoming exhibition, Arts Means Business at the The Gibberd Gallery. 

Arts Means Business

Can’t wait to see Sarah’s work, which we will be filming next week as part of the The Gibberd Gallery’s upcoming project: Arts Means Business. The project includes artists in residences located in businesses around Harlow and an exhibition creating a vital link between art and business. King Street Images will be filming artists and businesses including Raytheon, Astro Lighting …

Early Night

Even after a long day filming there is always the prospect of a pleasant surprise. I was running late and stopped for some quick bits at Tesco in Harlow at just the right time.

Summer started sometime ago…

Off to film the Summer of Arts in Harlow this week. Let’s hope the weather picks up as Summer apparently started sometime ago. But if you do get caught out try taking a look at the Essex Collection in the Gibberd Gallery. There’s fantastic work loaned from all over Essex, which complements the Harlow Art Trust’s collection.       …

Buster Keaton at the Playhouse, Harlow

Busy week last week, including an enjoyable afternoon filming John W. Mills at Harlow, Playhouse next to one of his pieces, Buster Keaton, part of his Hero series. It’s always amazing what fascinating insight John brings to his pieces when you film him with his work.  

At the Gibberd Gallery

We were filming over at the Gibberd Galley, Harlow this week for our forthcoming profile film about the Harlow Art Trust run gallery. While interviewing gallery dircector Corrina Dunlea in front of Sir Frederick Gibberd’s obelisk we met the gallery’s youngest volunteer Louis Webb. One of the great things about filming in Harlow is that you’re surrounded by a fantastic …

Dreams and Fantasy

Preview of work from the Young Curators’ show Dreams and Fantasy, which opens at the Gibberd Gallery tomorrow night. Kingstreetimages has been filming the ten Young Curators at the gallery this week in Harlow, Sculpture Town.