Painting the Future

Abstract artist Graham Boyd has been using acrylic paints since the 1970s. He first came across them when he was on a Triangle Workshop in New York. At the workshop he met paint producer and acrylic paint pioneer Sam Golden. Graham Boyd took to the new material and began using acrylic paints upon his return to his Hertfordshire studio. The …

Light Work

Close up of new sculpture by Valerie Inns inspired by a residency with Astro Lighting for The Gibberd Gallery ‘s current project: Arts Means Business.  The sculpture has been created using plaster, one of the materials used by Astro in their lighting product range.  The work in progress will be featured in an upcoming exhibition at Gibberd Gallery, alongside work by …

Lights, Camera, Astro

Spent the day filming at Astro Lighting where we were lucky to catch artist Valerie Inns’ lunchtime workshop. The film captures artists including Sarah Brown, Valerie Inns, and Connie Flynn’s work. This work was made as part of residences in businesses including Raytheon, Astro Lighting, and Arrow Electronics for a forthcoming exhibition, Arts Means Business at the The Gibberd Gallery. 

take 5 artists

take 5 artists A new film by Kingstreetimages features the eclectic work of five artists currently exhibiting together.

Fire & Fright Film

Kingstreetimages filmed Fire & Fright Festival at Letchworth Garden City for the Heritage Foundation as part of its arts and culture programme. Heritage Foundation offers exciting, innovative participatory art projects for families in Letchworth Garden City, working alongside international, national, regional and local artists. Heritage Foundation promotes collaborations between artists, arts organisations, and the community to raise the profile of …

One Show Five Artists

Production still from our latest arts and culture film. The film features five very different artists who are brought together under one roof in a new exhibition featuring many newly produced works. Today we interviewed John Farnham (pictured) who began his career as a sculptor in the 1960’s in a corner of Henry Moore’s studio.

Artists at Digswell Arts

Kingstreetimages features a number of artists from Digswell Arts, a platform for emerging artists. Digswell Arts