English Civil War No 1 (Reenactment by English Civil War Society)

English Civil War Renactor from Sir Marmaduke Rawdon's Regiment of Foote

The English Civil War came home to Cedars Park, Cheshunt, Hertfordshire in a reenactment by reenactors from the English Civil War Society (ECWS). Kingstreetimages’ crew were at the Hertfordshire  battle, skirmish, and living history reenactment  filming the event at the recently restored park. The popular park was once the site of  King James the 1st’s Theobald’s Palace.

English Civil War Cannon ready to be fired reenactment

English Civil War Cannon reenactment

The English Civil War and Theobald’s Palace

Theobald’s palace is located just outside London near London’s orbital motorway the M25. Sir William Cecil, the Lord High Treasurer of England, who later became Lord Burleigh built Theobald’s Palace in the late 1500s. After Lord Burleigh’s death in 1598, Theobalds’ Palace was inherited by his younger son Sir Robert Cecil.

King James the First and Theobald’s Palace

King James the First,  who had a great fondness for Hertfordshire’s Theobald’s Palace later persuaded Sir Robert Cecil to accept Hatfield House in exchange for the Palace and grounds.  King James the first died at the palace in 1625. His son Charles was proclaimed King there upon the death of his father James Stuart.

King Charles the First 

The palace was one of King Charles 1st’s favourite palaces, and where he fled from London after his failed attempt to arrest five members of Parliament in Westminster’s Houses of Parliament. Situated very close to London the palace was a convenient place for the King to make plans.

And so begins The English Civil War

King Charles 1st headed north to Nottingham from the palace where he raised the Royal Standard. This was the  beginning of the civil war. The home counties and London were already under the control of the parliamentarians at this time.

English Civil War Society (ECWS) 

These events, battles, skirmishes, and camp life were recreated by the members of the English Civil War Society (ECWS) in as accurate a fashion as possible. All of these fantastically accurate, enthusiastic reenactors are part of individual regiments from the Royalist side and the Parliamentarian side who are all part of the English Civil War Society.

English Civil War Renactor from Sir Marmaduke Rawdon's Regiment of Foote

English Civil War Reenactor: Alistair North of Sir Marmaduke Rawdon’s Regiment of Foote


Sir Marmaduke Rawdon’s Regiment of Foote

At Theobalds’ Palace members of Sir Marmaduke Rawdon’s Regiment of Foote recreated events of the English Civil War. The events included battles of the English Civil War, which also included engaging activities that really explained the English Civil War for kids, and camp life of the 1640s. There were various hands on games and tasks which the public participated in including pike target practice.

English Civil War reenactors ready with pikes show kids how to use them

English Civil War reenactors teach kids how to use a  traditional pike

 A Living History

The English Civil War Society re-enactors created a fantastic day for all. The imagery, the events, and recreation of camp life were so well thought out and researched: an English Civil War tableau.

Heritage and the English Civil War

The event was filmed in Cedars Park, Cheshunt, Hertfordshire which has recently received Heritage Lottery Funding, and Big Lottery Funding to restore the Hertfordshire historical park.

Cedars Park is conveniently located near to Junction 25 of the M25.

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