Is it safe to create video content from stock footage, stock music, and other purchased assets?

Put together this little short form video for a local Business International Networking group ( BNI) for International Networking Week. This video was created with stock content, stock music, and stock graphics.

The content was purchased and edited on Premiere Pro, and After Affects. The graphics had to be tweaked in After Affects as the original MOGRT file didn’t have the full range of editable features that we need for this project.

Once the project was mixed it was uploaded to various social media sites. Kingstreetimages made different versions of thumbnails for use on Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook.

The music as mentioned was stock music as were the sound track affects that were all licensed. Kingstreetimages is very aware of the dangers of having a copyright claim on a piece of music, clip, or audio mix on content.

We take every possible care to avoid any copyright claims on any content that we create. But if such a claim were to happen we have all licensing agreements at hand to rectify the situation as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Here at Kingstreetimages we are always happy to have a chat about creating digital content that is not only of a high quality but also licensed and ready to upload to promote your services and business.

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