Rule 6

Picked these printed props up from Hertfordshire Display this afternoon for this evening’s filming at Lowewood Museum. We’re making a short film with the Hoddesdon based museum’s Youth Panel over the next month. Watch out for “Absolutely” coming soon.

See You In The Gift Shop

Who could possibly walk past a cannon without taking a photo of it? This one was at Rochester Castle, Kent by the Medway River as if to be defending the bridge and river. I have absolutely no idea whether it was historically accurate or not. But, hey, it’s a cannon. But should it matter whether it’s historically accurate? Do historical …

Harlow’s Gin Still

The copper gin still in the gardens of Harlow Museum was once part of  the nearby Gilbey gin distillery. All roads seem to lead back to John Huston’s “The African Queen” based on CS Forester’s novel which has Humphrey Bogart’s Charlie Allnutt form a great relationship with gin, albeit Gordon’s, until Katherine Hepburn’s Rose Sayer pours it into the river …

Late Afternoon in the Museum

Here’s Liam from the Broxbourne School, and Carla from the Lowewood Museum. Looking forward to putting the film together.