Hertford Castle’s Classic Car Show

Dropped by Hertford’s very own castle this afternoon to catch a look at the classic car show. Super busy, great cars, and such a pleasant vibe for a sunny Sunday afternoon. There was a wide selection of vehicles at the annual event held at the  11th century castle  which is in Hertfordshire’s county town Hertford. The town is easily accessible …

Lights, Camera, Museum

We had a fantastic evening filming at Hertfordshire’s Lowewood Museum. We were filming for their new short film “Absolutely” . One of the great things about the Hoddesdon based museum is they not only make you welcome but also make every visit fun.

See You In The Gift Shop

Who could possibly walk past a cannon without taking a photo of it? This one was at Rochester Castle, Kent by the Medway River as if to be defending the bridge and river. I have absolutely no idea whether it was historically accurate or not. But, hey, it’s a cannon. But should it matter whether it’s historically accurate? Do historical …

Ring Finger

I couldn’t get a signal today. But found this old phone on the location where we were filming a corporate video, and it worked. It’d be great if it only had a swipeable screen and was a tad more portable. Only wish we could have used it in the film. Still if anyone wants to make a corporate film involving …

Lights, Camera, Legacy

FADE IN: Let’s thank all those camera persons, editors, sound recorders and anybody else that has been in the thick of action and kept their camera or recorder running. It must take some nerve to level that tripod, check that exposure and get that audio while the bullets or bombs are coming down. Incredibly, there’s so much of this footage …

Escape to the Country Without Leaving London

On Kingstreetimages’ first day of filming at Forty Hall Estate the lake was frozen over and the ducks were skating and skidding across the ice. But they seemed to be having a great time of it, as we were once we’d warmed up with a cappuccino from the Nice Green Cafe. The winter sun melted the ice and we were …

Connor Slides into Action

Here’s Connor Terrey-Hamill from St. Mary’s CE High School, Cheshunt behind the camera at Forty Hall & Estate last week. Connor has been working with Kingstreetimages as part of his Professional Learning Programme. He’s back working with us this week on a new film.

Fire & Fright Film

Kingstreetimages filmed Fire & Fright Festival at Letchworth Garden City for the Heritage Foundation as part of its arts and culture programme. Heritage Foundation offers exciting, innovative participatory art projects for families in Letchworth Garden City, working alongside international, national, regional and local artists. Heritage Foundation promotes collaborations between artists, arts organisations, and the community to raise the profile of …

Ice Breaker

We’ve been at Forty Hall & Estate over the past few weeks as Winter hopefully breaks into Spring. It’s a fantastic place to film whether inside the beautifully restored interior of Forty Hall or in the vast landscape of architectural and historic interest.

Frozen Lake

Filming at Forty Hall & Estate this morning capturing those beautiful winter shots for our latest heritage film.