Painting the Future

Abstract artist Graham Boyd has been using acrylic paints since the 1970s. He first came across them when he was on a Triangle Workshop in New York. At the workshop he met paint producer and acrylic paint pioneer Sam Golden. Graham Boyd took to the new material and began using acrylic paints upon his return to his Hertfordshire studio. The …

Carve Up

Shooting some test footage today at Hoddesdon’s Lowewood Museum for our new short film: Absolutely. I got a little distracted by a fabulous stone carving workshop that was taking place in the grounds of the museum led by stone carver Simon Keeley MA – Stone Carver & Sculptor who isn’t featured in the photo. One of the great things about …

Arts Means Business Corporate Video in Harlow, Essex

Filmed in Harlow and Duckend, Essex here’s Kingstreetimages’ latest film which celebrates the Arts Means Business initiative from The Gibberd Gallery, based in Harlow, Essex. The film features artists Valerie Inns, and Sarah Brown – Architectural Artwork and Glass. The project included artists working in residences with Raytheon, Astro Lighting, and These companies all have offices in Harlow and …

Lights, Camera, Astro

Spent the day filming at Astro Lighting where we were lucky to catch artist Valerie Inns’ lunchtime workshop. The film captures artists including Sarah Brown, Valerie Inns, and Connie Flynn’s work. This work was made as part of residences in businesses including Raytheon, Astro Lighting, and Arrow Electronics for a forthcoming exhibition, Arts Means Business at the The Gibberd Gallery. 

Arts Means Business

Can’t wait to see Sarah’s work, which we will be filming next week as part of the The Gibberd Gallery’s upcoming project: Arts Means Business. The project includes artists in residences located in businesses around Harlow and an exhibition creating a vital link between art and business. King Street Images will be filming artists and businesses including Raytheon, Astro Lighting …

Kids in Museums

It’s “Takeover Day” this week. Check out the Kids in Museums website where our commissioned film can be found documenting and celebrating this fantastic opportunity for young people. Kids in Museums

Kingstreetimages films artist and sculptor John Farnham

New Arts & Culture Film ‘John Farnham, Sculptor’ follows the career of British sculptor John Farnham. Introduced to sculpture from a young age living next door to Henry Moore in Hertfordshire’s Perry Green, John has gone on to develop a distinctive style working in numerous materials, including stone, bronze, plaster and wood. John Farnham works from his studio in Braughing, …

CreativeBloc at Courtyard Arts

Kingstreetimages loves the mixed show Incognito at Hertford’s gallery, Courtyard Arts with work from east London art collective CreativeBloc. The exhibition by the Leytonstone based artists is an unexpected range of contemporary works. Courtyard Arts is Hertford’s leading arts venue with a rolling programme of exhibitions and events with a very special show coming up in September.

The benefits of culture for business (and vice versa)

Kingstreetimages Producer Maxine King interviews Gibberd Gallery Director Corrina Dunlea about the potentials for growth between business and culture in Harlow for HB Life Magazine June 2015   PART of the blueprint for the new town of Harlow was to create a place for business and industry to thrive, with a unique environment for residents to cohabit with great works …

John Farnham and Torso

Final day filming sculptor John Farnham for our forthcoming film profiling the prolific sculptor who has been involved in the arts all of his working life.