At the Gibberd Gallery

We were filming over at the Gibberd Galley, Harlow this week for our forthcoming profile film about the Harlow Art Trust run gallery. While interviewing gallery dircector Corrina Dunlea in front of Sir Frederick Gibberd’s obelisk we met the gallery’s youngest volunteer Louis Webb. One of the great things about filming in Harlow is that you’re surrounded by a fantastic …

The next stage of the giant donkey

Kingstreetimages will be filming one of Britain’s foremost sculptors John W. Mills as he produces a giant donkey sculpture. We were there last summer filming John creating the maquette. You may have seen John’s “Women of World War II” in London’s Whitehall.

Missing in Action.

It’s that time of year again. Yes, it’s almost Autumn. So we’ve been busy shooting a fruit promotional but some of our props went missing. I can’t think where they may have gone…

On a wing and a rare moment to update

Had a very busy few weeks running around trying to stay ahead of the weather on this project.  It’s been great being so up, close, and working with such a committed team. Thanks everybody. Nothing to beat the real thing rather than virtual or created shots.

Dreams and Fantasy

Preview of work from the Young Curators’ show Dreams and Fantasy, which opens at the Gibberd Gallery tomorrow night. Kingstreetimages has been filming the ten Young Curators at the gallery this week in Harlow, Sculpture Town.  

Reed Short Film 2014 Longlist

One of our latest films “The Memory Palace” has been selected for the Reed Short Film 2014 longlist Take a look.