Painting the Future

Abstract artist Graham Boyd has been using acrylic paints since the 1970s. He first came across them when he was on a Triangle Workshop in New York. At the workshop he met paint producer and acrylic paint pioneer Sam Golden.

Abstract acrylic Graham Boyd
Graham with small acrylic abstract

Graham Boyd took to the new material and began using acrylic paints upon his return to his Hertfordshire studio. The prolific octogenarian abstract artist has been using acrylic paints ever since.

Graham Boyd studied at Watford School of Art and London Universtity Institute of Education. His work is in collections internationally and he has exhibited widely.

Interaction book Graham Boyd Kingstreetimages
Graham Boyd show Interaction book produced by Kingstreetimages


Sam Golden later went on to found New Berlin,  New York based paint producer Golden Artists Colors.

mixture of paints from Graham Boyd Studio
Graham Boyd’s acrylic paints


“My concern has always been, through colour, to evoke the sensation of luminous space as a parable for inner feeling. I believe that painting is still capable of exceeding all other forms of visual expression in its infinite capacity to be physical, spiritual, autonomous and renewable.” 

Graham Boyd

artist Graham Boyd in Studio
Graham Boyd in his Studio

Graham Boyd Shows at Gibberd Gallery

For a more in depth look at abstract artist Graham Boyd’s work please take a look at our film For Want of a Label: Graham Boyd

In the film he talks about his work, influences, and color theory among other things with contribution from independent art advisor and curator Sandra Higgins.

Dog Training in Essex, Hertfordshire, Harlow Borders with Dogabilty on Video

Dog Training

It’s always fascinating to see someone who’s good at what they do. And when you combine that with someone who is passionate about what they do you have a winning combination.  Adrienne Critchlow who runs dog training company Dogability has that combination.

As you can see from the video that we made in collaboration with Adrienne certainly knows how to train dogs.

Passing on her knowledge of dog training

Adrienne also has that wonderful ability to be able to pass on her knowledge and techniques of training dogs to her clients. They all seem to pick up the ideas and the methods of how to train your dog really quickly.

Busy pet sector

We often work with and to produce videos and films for the ever busy pet sector. It’s something quite different to some of our other work which can include galleries, artists, museums, corporate, commercial, and narrative driven projects.

SIDS: Kingstreetimages
The boy and the boat thumbnail. Kingstreetimages.

Never work with children or animals

Kingstreetimages even on occasion work with children which seems to fly in the face of such advice of never work with animals or children. But what we’ve found is no matter what project you’re working on and with whom nothing beats preparation.

Pre-producing equals flexibility

We always seek to pre-produce our productions as thoroughly as time and budget will allow. If you can pre-produce for your project before the shoot date you can always factor in more time for not only covering shots should something unexepected happen but also allow the flexibility of capturing extra spontaneous moments.  These English Civil War  reeneactors are always prepared but are also spontaneous as they translate passion and knowledge into character.

Group of English Civil War re-enactors charge and fight with pikes as the sun goes down.
English Civil War re-enactors from Civil War English Style

Smooth productions

As a film and video production company we can’t stress enough that the more time spent in pre-producing with clients the better the finished project will be. It’s something that can only make the whole production run smoother.

Pre-produce to get the best

It doesn’t matter whether your filming dog training, or creating a narrative film like Absolutely they all need to be carefully planned to get the best possible film.

Have camera will travel

Is there a place for just turning up with a camera and just filming? Well yes on occasion we do that, if that is the only option. Events happen, schedules change, products launch early and life happens But even then we bring our years of experience to that production utilizing our experience learned over many years of pre-producing a host of different productions.

Image from Arts Means Business opening showing film Id and fibre optics
Arts Means Business Harlow

If we can be of any help please contact us.



Up the Runners and Risers

It has been a fascinating process filming British sculptor John W. Mills’ “Kicking Donkey” sculpture through its various stages of development. Kingstreetimages was making a film about John’s long and distinguished career as a sculptor while he was creating the sculpture of the donkey in the studio. And during that process we were commissioned to make a film about the donkey’s progress, and ultimately its journey to its site in Guernsey.

It has been incredible to see how such a large piece of work is created and disassembled ready for transportation to Pangolin Editions foundry in Chalford, Gloucestershire. We’ve filmed the foundry’s technicians creating latex and fiberglass moulds. And recently we were back filming at the West Country foundry nr Stroud while sections of the donkey were being produced in wax before runners and risers were added ready for bronze casting.

We will be returning to Pangolin Editions soon to film the finishing and patination of “Kicking Donkey” before it heads across the English Channel to the island of Guernsey where a site is being prepared.

Is it ever too early to think about documenting or promoting your work? your gallery? your business? your museum?

We’re always happy to have a chat about how we can create films and content for you.

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Absolutely featuring Wonder Performed by Naughty Boy , Emeli Sandé

Here’s our new film: Absolutely which features “Wonder” performed by Naughty Boy , Emeli Sandé. (Courtesy of Virgin Records Ltd (GB) Under licence from Universal Music Group)

Young cast from Absolutely by Kingstreetimages.
Young cast from Absolutley pose with clapperboard and props at Lowewood Museum. Kingstreetimages



In this short film  a World War One soldier, a Roman, Victorians, characters from the 60s all appear in this beautiful film set in a museum. There’s even a Penfold Victorian Pillar Box. What more could you ask for? A selfie? There’s quite a few of them as well.

Producition still, boy, roman, victorian, Kingstreetimages.
Selfie at Lowewood Museum with a Roman, a Victorian, and a contemporary boy. Kingstreetimages
Production still from Absolutely a film by Kingstreetimages.
WW1 soldier and two girls take a selfie by a tiger at Lowewood Museum. Kingstreetimages

Supported by

The project has been kindly supported by ROH Bridge.

With the Help of 

The Vallé Academy of Performing Arts ,

10th Essex Regiment Great War Living History Group

Absolutely Online Soon

We’ve been working with Hertfordshire’s Lowewood Museum’s Youth Panel over the last few months producing a short film. From early ideas, a script was created and the project took shape. The film was shot at weekends and in the evenings when the panel was available. It was a busy time for the Youth Panel what with revision, school, work, civic commitments, Snapchat, Instagram, and Christmas even popped up unexpectedly.
Absolutely will be arriving online very soon.

To Thine Own Selfie Be True

Production still from a really busy day at the Lowewood Museum yesterday where we were filming with Liam Mercer from the 10th Essex Regiment Great War Living History Group, Ciara Jane Fleming from The Valle Academy of Performing Arts , and Caitlin one of the many members of Lowewood Museum’s Youth Panel who were filming. Of course Lowewood Museum’s tiger Ben kept a ready eye on proceedings.Only a few more days of shooting left on the Youth Panel’s short film “Absolutely”, which is kindly supported by Royal Opera House Bridge. 


Off to the Lowewood Museum in Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire tomorrow to add a soldier to our historical figures featuring in their short film Absolutely. Members of the museum’s Youth Panel have appeared as Romans, Victorians, and even someone from the sixties.

The River

Something constant about the Thames. Whatever the time of day or time of year it’s there. Irrespective of what else is happening wherever in the world that may be the Thames is there. And it will still be there long afterwards.

Staying In Character

Lowewood Museum’s Youth Panel’s Yanena maintaining character between shots at Lowewood Museum ‘s shoot for their new short film “Absolutely” supported by Royal Opera House Bridge.